3 Ethnic Cuisines for Your Healthy Eating Resolutions

Greek FoodYou could be looking for some new experiences in general, following through on a resolution for the new year, or maybe you’re just be trying to expand your international food palette in lieu of traveling the world. Whatever the reason is to try more ethnic foods, we think it’s a great choice for 2013. Besides all of the fresh recipes and foods you’ll get to experience, international cuisines offer you a great opportunity to eat healthier.

One of the best ways to make a sizeable change to your eating habits is to add more cultural foods to your diet. Of course, selection is crucial just like all types of food, but there are plenty of accessible options available from different countries around the world. Here are three types of international food in which you can find a wealth of diverse recipes this year.


The leafy veggies of many favorite Greek cuisines make it one of the best choices for healthy international food consumption. Greek platters are often smaller in size, including limited portions of meat, combined with greater portions of items such as seafood, eggplant, olives, nuts and other greens.

While grilled fish, spinach and other Greek classics are regularly available, you will want to make sure to look towards the green options for eating well, as there are some tempting dessert-style Greek foods that won’t qualify for your resolutions.


Indian food is widely recognized for the variety of spices used in the cooking process, including ginger, garam masala and more. In addition to their delicious flavor, many of these spices are known to serve as protectors against diseases such as some forms of cancer and Alzheimer’s. Many of the traditional Indian spices may also help speed up your metabolism and burn more calories.

There are also plenty of healthy Indian dishes you can prepare or purchase while you’re out, such as vegetable curry, which combines a number of great veggies and spices. Even Indian side dishes such as dal, are great options for you to try in 2013.


Seeing Italian food on this list may come as a surprise, primarily because so many associate the cuisine with large portions of pasta and carb-loaded dishes. Still, major Italian ingredients such as tomatoes, olive oil, parsley and basil are used in vegetable dishes and light pastas, making for great options.

It’s important to do research on recipes and find whole grain choices, as many Americanized Italian dishes may be loaded with calories and fat. Luckily, there are a number of light dishes that make use of some of popular Italian ingredients.

At Your Convenience

One of the best things about using ethnic foods as a way to eat healthier is the growing access to more traditional international ingredients. International Food Club is home to popular foods and brands from all three of these countries among many others.

To start trying some great foods from these countries and more, visit or shop with us today!


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