Barbeque Recipes with International Flavor

Much of America endured a long and bitter winter this year, so there’s all the more reason to celebrate the start of summer with gusto on Memorial Day! Spice up your patriotic barbeque. No need to abandon American favorites; instead, infuse classics with tastes from around the globe. Whether you are making hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, or kebabs here are some great ways to incorporate international flavors on the grill.

Hamburgers and Hot Dogsburger

Hamburgers and hot dogs with ketchup and mustard are quintessential American dishes, but with a few changes you can turn your Memorial Day cookout into a more international event. Turn up the heat on your hot dog by switching yellow mustard for Polish hot mustard, or try hot mustard on sausage for an authentic Polish dish. For hamburgers, use a meat rub or spice mix before grilling, Peri-Peri sauce from Portugal rather than ketchup, or add feta cheese crumbles and cucumbers with onion, lettuce, and tomato for a Greek-inspired cheeseburger.

Chicken and Kebabs

Jerk chicken is traditionally made in the Caribbean, especially Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago. Marinate chicken breasts in jerk seasoning before grilling for rich flavor. Delicious on its own or as a chicken sandwich; serve it with tropical fruits such as mango or pineapple. For kebabs, look to India’s Tikka Masala flavors to complement veggies like sweet potatoes, green peppers, and more.


Refreshing Drinks

For a warm day spent over a hot grill make sure you cool down with a refreshing drink. Fizzy, lemony, UK specialty Ben Shaw’s Cloudy Lemonade is delicious served chilled or with sweet tea for an alternative Arnold Palmer or as a mixer for fruity cocktails. One popular drink from Spain is sangria. Citrus fruit such as oranges, lemons and limes are commonly used in sangria, but for Memorial Day try blueberries and strawberries too for some patriotic color. Another nonalcoholic fruity drink to keep your holiday party refreshed is Savia’s aloe vera drink which comes in a variety of flavors. Aloe vera drinks have been said to have health benefits and are detoxifying.

As you can see integrating international flavors into traditional American barbeque dishes is simple and appetizing. Your guests will be asking for seconds as they sip on drinks from around the globe. These new spices will have your grill sizzling.


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