International Food Club Now Offering Imported Wine in Online Shop

International Food Club has expanded our online store to offer customers access to imported wines from nearly 20 countries. Our e-commerce website (click to view our shop) grants customers the ability to shop for wines that are otherwise hard to find stateside, with the added convenience of at-home delivery.

ifc-wine-page“Whether you’ve fallen in love with a wine you tried abroad, or if you’re wanting to dabble in more exotic wines in general, this is a great opportunity to discover fine wine from all around the world,” comments Shirley Roth, Director of Operations at International Food Club. “Our arrangements with international wine distributors allow us to import unique and diverse wines stateside and sell them online and in-store at very reasonable prices.”

Since the launch of our e-commerce site in 2014, International Food Club has garnered phenomenal success in offering individuals the convenience of locating their favorite international foods online, without the hassle of finding a local retailer to get a very specific and rare international product, and then driving there to find out it is out-of-stock.

“While local brick-and-mortar retail competitors may offer a variety of wines and spirits, there are less international options for wine and also, no at-home delivery option,” Roth adds.

Visitors to our website will find it easy to shop for international wines, as a convenient drop-down menu allows visitors to navigate and shop for wine by country. A customer can shop for wine from all over the world, including Italy, Greece, Spain, Lebanon, South Africa and more. Our online store offers a variety of options, and indicates whether a product is in stock, while also featuring top sellers and new releases. We can ship anywhere within the continental U.S., allowing customers to take advantage of the convenience of online shopping while they continue to add to their wine collections.

For local Orlando residents and visitors to the area, our brick-and-mortar location hosts periodic wine tasting events by local wine importers and wholesale distributors, such as Sovereign Selection. More information about wine tasting events can be found on, as well as our Facebook and Twitter pages.


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