5 Insane Food Trends of 2017

2017 isn’t even halfway through and already there has been some wild and crazy food trends. Mermaid food, unicorn drinks, spaghetti doughnuts—these are just some of the tasty treats to have hit the food scene (and Instagram) in the short few months of this year.

Curious about these colorful, sparkly, sprinkle-y dishes? Keep reading.

1.    Mermaid Toast

03-how-to-make-mermaid-toastTrendy toast has been around long before food stylist, Adeline Waugh, began playing around with food coloring—avocado toast, anyone?

The foodie artist is hailed as the original creator of unicorn toast, in which cream cheese bases are added with healthy food coloring mixtures like goji berry powder (for an orange color) or pomegranate powder (to get light pinks). The end result is a brightly colored mixture that looks like something a unicorn would eat.

With mermaid toast, however, Waugh wanted to take her toast to new heights. “I simply wanted to create something new beyond unicorn toast. I’m always trying to evolve and think outside the box when it comes to food,” she said. By using chlorophyll and spirulina (types of vitamin-filled algae!) to get beautiful shades of blue and green for a more aquatic look, she “decided to name it ‘mermaid toast’ to keep up the tradition of toasts named after mythical creatures.”

Start with your favorite bread, toast it and brush with plain white cream cheese as a base, adding in dollops of colored cream cheese swirled around with a butter knife.

2.     Unicorn Lattes

unicorn-latteContinuing with the theme of colorful eats, Instagram has gone crazy over unicorn-inspired drinks. Infused with psychedelic colors, it’s actually quite nutritious and good for you, with no processed sugar or food coloring in it.

Acting as a natural digestive and metabolism booster, the drink is topped with turmeric, pomegranate, ginger, lemon, coconut milk, honey and blue-green algae—different versions can taste tart, sweet, spiced or a combination of sensations.

The End, a coffee bar in Brooklyn, has been a pioneer of this drink, using juice and plant-based potions to promote wellness and healing. Co-owner Bret Caretsky says, “We developed the Unicorn Latte as a healthy and delicious product.”

3.    Spaghetti Doughnuts

spaghetti donutsThis Italian-minded novelty food takes spaghetti pie to a new, handheld, level and allows your carb goals to become a reality.

Created by Pop Pasta, a New York-based company, notes that the food hybrid “combines a popular Neapolitan dish, the spaghetti pie with an American food icon, the doughnut.”

Essentially, the spaghetti doughnut is portable pasta and is in no way a sweet pastry. Combining spaghetti and red sauce, creators bake the strands in ring molds, add in eggs and cheese and fry until crispy.

4.    Black Ice Cream

black-ice-cream-Bj2Despite the color craze in drinks and on toast (or maybe because of it), a new phenomenon has popped up: black ice cream.

Black ice cream is made with activated charcoal, a detox ingredient often used in hospitals and emergency rooms, almonds, coconut and vanilla.

Don’t worry though, it tastes nothing like the charcoal briquettes you use in a barbecue—the treat has a mild sweetness and is the perfect summer treat for your wild foodie dreams.

5. Cloud Eggs

cloud eggsThe new Instagram “it” food, cloud eggs are a puffy mass that add an airy twist to your regular breakfast.

Making cloud eggs is actually quite easy: simply separate the yolk from the egg whites, beat the egg whites until they’re fluffy enough to form stiff peaks and bake them. Make a hole in each egg white and place the egg yolk inside, baking both items together. Serve on toast, eat them on their own, serve with cheese, herbs or ham or do something totally new and create your own food fad!


Making your toast look like it belongs to a mermaid or your eggs as fluffy as a cloud doesn’t do too much to change how it tastes but it is fun to get a little creative every now and then. What food trends do you think will get big by the end of the year?

If you decide to make any of these fun foods, take a pic and tag us on Instagram!


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5 New Food Trends for 2017

2017 is here and with it, a bevy of new food trends and culinary practices. To get you ready for a New Year’s foodie focus, we’ve compiled a list of five of the hottest food fashions.

1.   Purple Everything

Get ready for purple-colored food.purpleasparagus-1

Using a list compiled by experts tracking consumer behavior, grocery goers have already begun buying bushels of purple-colored foods: purple asparagus, plum preserves, purple cauliflower, eggplants. People are going crazy for purple.

Why? In addition to the pretty coloring, plum-hued foods contain a huge range of health benefits. Antioxidants, which neutralize aging and disease, are abundant in purple food (as long as the coloring is natural). To determine how much antioxidants are in a fruit or vegetable, the darkest colors have the most antioxidants.

2.   Alternative Pasta

Pasta goes through ups and downs in the market economy. Some years it’s all the rage and other years it’s the bane of foodies everywhere.

This year, it’s back to being popular… but with a kick.

With the advent of 2017, alternative pasta will be the next big thing: noodles made from quinoa, lentils and chickpeas are on the rise. These funky pastas are chock full of fiber and protein, which are great sources of healthy nutrients. Most of them are also gluten-free and easy to digest.

3.   Dessert for Breakfast

“There was a study that recently came out from chocolate-pancakes-with-chocolate-sauce3srgbSyracuse University re-touting the benefits of dark chocolate, specifically on cognitive function,” says Liz Moskow, culinary
director at Sterling-Rice Group. “The thought was eating chocolate prepares you more for your workday.”

While we’re not sure if cakes and cookies are going to become a common 2017 breakfast theme, we do think that some sweet treats like chocolate pieces or Nutella will appear in pancakes, oatmeal and other common breakfast items.

4.   Dosha Dining

Dosha dining, or Ayurvedic dining, is a holistic-based approach to food. By focusing on meals that reduce inflammation, improve energy and stamina, and just make you feel better, dosha foods are supposed to help balance the body’s physical and emotional constitutions.

With the immense popularity of Ayuryedic activities like yoga and meditation, it’s easy to see how people would turn to foods that are good for their dosha. Even if you don’t buy into the dosha theory, you’ll still see a rise in meals that use turmeric (a main dosha ingredient) and other Indian spices.

5.   Plants = Meat

It’s a carnivore’s nightmare, vegetables are beginning to stand in for steaks, burgers and other butchered items. It’s called “plant butchery” and the end 1-wkl2mlzhregbc4f0agtvlgproduct looks, feels and tastes like actual meat… except that no meat is used.

Made to resemble barbecue ribs, pepperoni or teriyaki jerky, among other items, chefs chop up legumes, mushrooms and vegetables, infuse the product with beet juice, and serve it to vegetarians or meat-eaters who are looking to dial back on their meat consumption.

Now that you’re hip to the new foodie trends, it’s time to get cooking! Most of these items use ingredients that you can find in our store or online!


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